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N.I.O.C. Information center is one of Iran's oldest special libraries. It was established in 1955 and was directly managed by NIOC Board of Directors until 1960 and was called “Board of Directors Library”. Gradually its name was changed to “Central Library”, and after bringing together a lot of economic and technical books and journals in the field of petroleum, the library became a professional one. Central Library was, for some time, under the direct supervision of NIOC Administrative Manager, but later its management was transferred to the Central Training Department.

library picture 1Now as “NIOC Information Center and Technologyy”, it is one of the richest existing centers in the Middle East. It is noteworthy that the NIOC Central Library is the first library in Iran which has been computerized and uses technical knowledge and new technologies in order to provide information services for its clients.


The existing references at NIOC Central Library include books, journals, pamphlets, booklets, articles, standards, newspapers, software and CDs which are mainly specialized in the field of petroleum engineering, economics, energy and management, both in Farsi and English languages.


  1. Software databases include NIOC Information Center and Central Library and other centers
  2. Latin articles database (bibliographic 1984-2002, full text 2002- )
  3. Farsi articles database (Namayeh)
  4. Latin and Farsi reports database
  5. IHS standards database
  6. Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS) database
  7. Country’s laws and regulations database
  8. SPE database
  9. Emerald database



The following services are given to members:

  1. Copying and printing services
  2. Telecommunication services by internet
  3. Internet services inside the library
  4. Search services and printing IHS standards
  5. Search services and retrieving the full text of specialized articles in the articles databases by internet
  6. Monthly Publication of the "NIOC Information Center New Titles"
  7. Publishing brochures, bibliographies and reports as required
  8. Searching our database at NIOC website
  9. Access to various educational films (VCD)


library picture 2We have developed internet services for the members to support their academic and research activities. All clients are allowed to use this system during the working time and with prior authorization of the Reference Librarian.


You can access our resources either directly via NIOC Library website (, or NIOC website ( What you should do first is to click on "Central Library". Then click on "search button" on the next page. Select "Farsi Catalogs" or "Latin Catalogs". Then enter your search phrase. If required, you can choose publish year and the kind of database you prefer. Then click on "Begin search" button. Unless you are sure of your keyword or if you intend to do a more generalized search, type at least three characters of your intended word and add $ at the end of characters without any space and then click on "search".


library picture 3In case of having any problem in using library materials, you can obtain assistance from the Reference Librarian in person or by phone (Tel. 61623476).


Guidelines for NIOC library membership: